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What To Do When Your Garage Door Jams

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What To Do When Your Garage Door Jams

What To Do When Your Garage Door Stuck | Garage Door Repair Longwood, FL

While a jammed garage door is not a rare occurrence, it's a very different problem from a door that only rises or lowers halfway.  A door that is jammed and shows no sign of moving will may need expert attention. Read on to discover the three most common reasons why a jam might happen in the first place.

Find And Remove Any Track Obstructions

An obstruction on the tracks can mean that your system fails to open or close properly. The offending object can be as large as a garden tool or as small as a tennis ball. By identifying and removing the obstruction, you will clear the track’s path and hopefully free the door.

Identifying Broken Or Worn Springs

To ascertain whether your springs are guilty of causing a problem, first identify the type your system uses. There are two types of springs to look out for. The first type is the torsion spring, which you will find positioned horizontally above the door. The second type of spring, extension springs, can be found either side of your door. If any part of your spring is hanging, then you'll need professional help. Broken springs of any type are a potential safety hazard, and as such, you should never attempt to repair or replace them alone.

Broken Rollers Are Often The Cause

A chipped, cracked or broken roller is very often responsible for causing your door to come off track. It’s easy to forget that over time that rollers can become worn or damaged, resulting in your door jamming. Thankfully, roller replacement is easy and extremely effective when it comes to getting a door back on track. Whatever the reason for your door jamming, don’t panic - while it could simply be a case that you missed a minor issue, remember not to repair the problem on your own. Instead, arrange to have your system inspected and regularly maintained by a skilled technician. You may even be preventing a future problem!


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